Beyond Barriers

A novel technology platform
for the delivery of therapeutics
across biological barriers


The solution


Gate2Brain (GB2) uses a novel technology platform for the delivery of therapeutics. Our platform is based on three families of peptide shuttles that improve the biopharmaceutical properties of cargoes such as small molecules, peptides, nanoparticles, proteins and antibodies in vitro and in vivo when conjugated to them.

The G2B technology platform is applicable to therapeutic areas in which biological barriers hinder the delivery and activity of drugs.

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About us

Gate2Brain is a biotech company focused on the development of therapeutics that efficiently cross biological barriers such as the blood-brain barrier. We pursue our goals using a radically innovative peptide-based patented technology platform.


Gate2Brain (G2B) has a proprietary novel technology platform for the delivery of therapeutics across biological barriers.

Medicines beyond barriers

We go beyond physiological and disease barriers, as our portfolio of peptide shuttles cover barriers such as the blood-brain,
blood-retinal, skin and tumor barriers.
We go beyond economic barriers, such as the lack of investment for the development of pediatric drugs. We go beyond societal barriers to provide medicines for everyone, everywhere.

Clinical Focus

Proof of Concept

Our G2B therapeutic-peptide shuttle conjugates carry the drug cargo candidates to the target site in which the disease arises. G2B-002, our flagship product and proof-of-concept of the technology, offers a new therapeutic approach with improved biopharmaceutical properties and potent activity against rare pediatric cancers.

Our objective is for G2B-002 to reach Phase 1 clinical trials and thus have a high social impact focused on the unmet medical needs of:

Rare illnesses
Pediatric patients
Oncologic diseases

G2B-002 shows potent preclinical activity for rare pediatric cancer indications such as pediatric high-grade gliomas, DIPG, Ewing sarcoma, rhabdomyosarcoma and neuroblastoma.

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News & Media

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Making therapies a reality for patients by addressing unmet medical needs.


Improving patients’ quality of life using a technology that provides superior drug transport efficacy.

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